Saturday, January 25, 2014

Question, worker and come back in.

1. I have a five year diary with a daily question to answer in a small space -- things like "What animal do you most resemble" and "What did you have for lunch?" I often ask Alec for input. Today's question is "Are you holding a grudge?" He replies "No, I am holding Lego." I think this is a good life idea, generally.

2. Bettany manfully working away at a piece of toast and avocado. Her cheeks (where they aren't green) are shining though her eyes are very serious.

3. I've been bit out of the world lately -- I have had my head down parenting and protecting my health. I feel as if I'm watching through a sheet of glass as life races past outside. I flip over to Facebook this evening and a scatter of informal invitations and a few article recommendations and an update from a friend who asked me for advice. That sheet of glass seems less of a barrier now.