Saturday, January 11, 2014

Castle, too long and Tarzan retold.

1. She has a castle tent set up in the drawing room. The children go in and out. Sometimes someone is pushed out of the door. Sometimes someone is pulled back in again. An arm or a face appears at a window. Little shrieks of laughter go on behind our conversation.

2. With sadness and joy I note that Alec's trousers are now too long to hang on the bottom rail of the airer.

3. What I really like is to hear Nick's account of Alec's account of our day (a particular highlight was today's synopsis of the traumatic opening of Disney's Tarzan -- Alec smoothed it all over for himself by stating firmly that it all happened a very long time ago; and the montage scenes made him think Tarzan grew big by swinging from trees; and he was very sure he'd seen Tarzan having gorilla mummy bubby).