Thursday, January 23, 2014

Saying yes, clap and concern.

1. The other day I dived in and said YES to an invitation on Google+ to join an online RPG session (I miss-calculated the time difference and thought it was 9pm, not 9am when I said yes. It was funny to play with Australians who were drinking their evening beers while Bettany still had porridge from breakfast in her neck folds. They were very kind about her distracting presence as she rolled around at my feet and slept heavily on my lap.) The game was great fun with lots of laughter and plenty of memorable moments (creative use of a giant pile of manure). I felt buoyed up afterwards because it seemed to me that I am, despite being deep in the baby tunnel, still fit for adult company.

2. Bettany laughing out loud because she can clap her hands.

3. They tell me with some concern that Alec got upset today because he'd lost "a sticker with numbers on that my mum gave me". It was an index tab that he'd found stuck to the kitchen door early this morning. He refers to any print as numbers. I thought it was very kind of them to worry about such a tiny thing that meant so much to him.


  1. Please Claire. I need to know what is MOAS and what RPG??

  2. Thanks for your question. Moas are very large, extinct, flightless birds from New Zealand that Alec saw on a TV programme. RPGs are roleplaying games, such as Dungeons and Dragons. Hope that helps.


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