Friday, January 03, 2014

Knowledge, startled and a detail.

1. She isn't a contented, ignorant, innocent little bundle any more. She understands separation and feels insecure in an unusual situation. Fortunately the physio is happy to treat me with Bettany lying on my chest. She looks a lot happier -- almost smug and self-satisfied -- and she 'helps' by dribbling on me and by grabbing his nice shiny watch.

2. Bettany startles on the changing mat. She flings out her arms, opens her eyes wide and gasps. "What is it?" I ask anxiously, startled myself. She smiles a smile with her whole self and then does it again. I gasp in response and she giggles and wriggles as if the delight is tickling her back.

3. While he is drifting off Alec shares a detail about his afternoon at nursery: At naptime someone in pink shoes patted him and rubbed his back until he fell asleep.