Sunday, January 12, 2014

Left to our own devices, anatomy and boatlets.

1. Bettany and I wake to hear the front door shutting behind Nick and Alec on their morning errands. We dress quickly and go out to breakfast in the dark bistro run by the butcher on Chapel Place. His bacon sandwiches are very good. It is so late in the morning that a man comes in and orders two bottles of Guiness.

2. Alec looking through his library books on the human body. His eyes are like saucers. Earlier in the week he asked me if he could pull Bettany's head off to see what she looked like inside. Despite his assurances that he would stick her together with tape we thought that at this stage in his career theory would serve him better than practice.

3. Watching Alec play with a couple of walnut shell boats.