Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Easy lunch, expedition and the problem.

1. Sausage casserole from the freezer is such an easy, comforting lunch.

2. Instead of a walk we go on an expedition to find Alec's latest passion, moas. We pack an expedition bag with snack, chalk, notebook etc and head for the dark heart of the Common. We mark possible evidence, and not possible evidence ("Mummy, I think that was a badger that dug that digging) and we text message reports and pictures to Nick, our sponsor.

3. "Mummy, we haven't found any moas because we haven't eaten enough Nana buttons." I pass out another round of chocolate buttons.

3b. A photographer has left his tripod and camera case on a bench while he gets some shots of a fallen tree in low sun. Alec sidles over and says loudly "Look, someone's left their bagpipes here!"