Thursday, January 09, 2014

First day, observers and you're back.

1. I tell Alec (again) that he's going off with Daddy when he leaves for work. It's his first all-day session -- until now he's only done mornings. "He'll drop you at nursery and then go off to work."
"You being silly, Mummy."
When the time comes he goes off quite happily, holding his dad's hand and walking like a big boy all the way to nursery.

2. When we pick Alec up from nursery two small boys come quietly up to look at his sister in the sling. "It's amazing how small children are fascinated by babies," observes someone towering above us. Bettany turns her head and the boys come round me to look some more. They each put out a gentle finger to stroke her cheek.

3. Bettany crowing and talking to Alec -- I think she's missed him all day.