Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Bird spotting, soothing and poetry.

1. We go into the Corn Exchange and bother the tourist information lady for a map because Alec has found further evidence of moas. It's a poo on a drain cover.

2. It's that horrible moment after bath when everyone starts crying at once -- they're tired and cold and they're sick of having their limbs jabbed this way and that into pyjamas and they can't decide what story they want and they're heartbroken about all the toys they aren't allowed to bring upstairs and the snacks they didn't eat. I pile up pillows and snuggle them both up with some bub. They hold hands and it's very soothing (for about four minutes).

3. I read Alec AA Milne's poem James James Morrison Morrison (the guy who took great care of his mother although he was only three). The thoughtful look on Alec's face.