Sunday, April 01, 2012

As themselves, talk and magnolia.

1. For lunch I made one of the recipes that came with our veggie box -- mushroom and toast fritatta -- and it was delicious, and quick, too. All the ingredients tasted of themselves, and a person eating it could recognise each one.

2. Alec has been very talky lately. He is practising and practising the sounds and the tongue movements. I go over the different sounds in my head: "Bwiya bwiya" and "budda budda bwi" and a liquid phrase of rolling ls and rs. I can't wait to understand what it is he wants to say.

3. The dainty magnolia on the corner is in full bloom now. We caught it the other day in the first few hours, when only half the blossoms were out. They were pink -- but it seems they fade in the bright light of day to pure white.

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