Sunday, April 15, 2012

Faces, finish and meeting a dog.

1. Alec in the kitchen and Maggie in the conservatory pressing their dirty faces against the window and blowing out their cheeks.

2. Alec is good at starting cakes, but I have to finish eating them for him.

2b. Ian says: "Things are good. Maggie is happier, and I've got a news editor. I feel like I've got my life back."

3. Caroline's parents give us a lift home so we don't have to take the bus -- I am very grateful because the time table is complicated and uncertain. Alec nearly faints with delight when he realises that there's a dog in the back with him. She sniffs him politely and he leans out of his seat, both hands out to welcome her nose. She licks his fingers and he giggles.

PS: This post on Recipe Rifle says it's about Kitty, but really it's about Alec on a bad day. Plus there's a new potato recipe.

PPS: Fiona Robyn is launching her latest novel by asking bloggers to post on the subject of 'My Most Beautiful Thing'. Jump in and give it a go.