Saturday, April 14, 2012

Christmas box, slow down and bluebells.

1. I find a couple of Christmas books for 50p each, so I buy them and take them home. I push through into the back of our wardrobe to find the December 1 box. When I reach in to slide the books under the flaps, I can feel the red fleece throw and the rough linen of either the red tea towel or my frivolous apron.

2. Alec is a bit cross and scratchy over lunch. I can't work out what's the matter, and he's due at nursery. There's no rush, though, so I slow right down and try to find him again. I'm starting to learn that with small children more haste really is less speed, and it's definitely more effort.

3. The bluebells are coming on the shaded side of the house. They look chilled to me, blue with cold (I know I am), but I'm sure they are quite content against the cool bricks.