Sunday, April 29, 2012

Eyes, donuts and respect.

Nick had a day of gaming, so Alec and I took the train all the way to Eridge on the Spa Valley Railway. As Alec says: "Toot toot!"*

1. Alec watches the little boy at the other end of the carriage, and the other little boy watches Alec. "It's a stare-off," says his mother.

2. I ask about the donuts, because their muffins are described as 'pre-packaged', and a packaged donut is a sorry thing. "They're from Sainsbury's," he says. And then: "I normally warm them up." Sold.

3. At Eridge the waiting room has a sign on the door asking us to "Please respect our carpet by removing your footwear if they are muddy or dirty". I notice that the carpets on the train are pristine, too. I also liked the notice instructing me to ask for assistance with baby changing. I was tempted, but perhaps they didn't mean they'd actually do it for me.

*Yes, I am miffed that he has a word for train before he has a word for me (I don't count bub-bub, because that's only part of me).