Saturday, April 07, 2012

Last pancake, locusts and new undies.

1. The last pancake was made with the thick batter at the bottom of the jug when the stove was at its hottest. It poured very slowly and when I flip it over, it is marked by concentric rings.

2. Town looks as if it has been attacked by chocolate-eating locusts. Among the battered boxes and broken eggs though, there are gingerbread biscuits decorated with sheep. In my head, I hear Alec baaaing at them, and very much want to take one home. There are sheep with no legs, no heads and no bodies. There are sheep with chipped ears and packets full of crumbs. Right at the back is one perfect biscuit. I take it home -- very, very carefully.

3. Two new pretty nursing bras from M&S. They are the pink and mink colours of strawberry and chocolate icecreams.