Thursday, April 12, 2012

More soup, sun in the hills and on the up.

1. Nick takes the morning off to see a nutritionist. She says he needs to eat more soup for supper -- which pleases me very much because I have a dedicated soup book full of recipes that I am longing to try. South Indian Firewater, anyone?

2. Through the rain, across town and country, the sun is shining in the Sussex hills.

3. We are finishing lunch, Nick and I, chatting and sipping the last of our drinks, when it occurs to us that Alec is being very quiet. We let him down and he porgled off to play in the front room. We can hear him chatting to himself, but there's something... there's something not usual about it. When we investigate, he's not in the front room. He's waving at us from our bedroom doorway at the top of the stairs, and looking very pleased with himself. Time to fit the stairgate, and to teach Alec to climb safely.