Monday, April 02, 2012

Escape, floor food and laughing at my jokes.

One of my favourite bloggers has started up again after an hiatus -- check out Amite Amoureuse.

1. Alec is squirming on my lap, and I'm looking longingly at the plate of food that I can't eat yet. The other children are rolling a football around at the back of the room, but I think Alec is awfully little to be off on his own. I'm so hungry and thirsty, though. I haven't even managed to get to my glass of water. "Nick, do you think he'd be all right porgling around?"
"Yes!" says Nick, and I let Alec slide off my lap. He hurries away, picks up the ball and runs off with it, his little legs rolling like a sailor's.

2. To my horror I see Alec sharing a piece of bread -- off the floor -- with Katie's small nephew. I know for a fact that his mother is very strict. I look her way to see if she's watching. Our eyes meet. She smiles and says: "They won't eat it if you give it to them on the table..."

3. Sitting between Chloe (the Christening girl) and Alec in their car seats on the way home. Chloe giggles daintily until dribble runs down her chin when I make "t-t-t" noises, and Alec copies me and giggles too.