Friday, April 27, 2012

Runaways, aquarium and bouncing.

1. Alec, the mother and I run away to the seaside in the afternoon.

2. Rays shimmy over our heads. A strange long-nosed fish "Like a caricature of a politician," says the mother, startles us, and a funny spotty blob with buck teeth comes nose to nose with  me.

3.  At the end of the aquarium there is, of course, a gift shop. Alec marches straight up to a tub full of bouncy balls and grabs a double handful. He's away before I can contain him, and when a plastic dolphin full of bubble mixture catches his eye, he drops one of the balls and it bounces across the floor. I don't know which to chase

4. One of the black huts has a tiger striped mackerel painted on the side. The fisherman is cleaning a fish on a table outside. A woman with a very white face stands in the doorway.