Saturday, October 28, 2006

Blinding yellow, building and wild chickens.

1. The yellow leaves on a tulip tree. The road to work is all in shade, but the top of this tree was in the sun. The leaves were so bright I could hardly stand to look at them. They reminded me of a bowl of lemons on a sunny table at the height of summer.

2. On the other side of the road, a house is been going up. Today three men are hanging tiles on the roof. I think the family who is going to live there will be in by Christmas.

3. Pheasants. I like the way their feathers whistle as they fly up. I love seeing them scurry off along the path ahead of me. And if I sneak up really close, I can hear them brooding to themselves like contented chickens. (Photograph by Michael Grant)


  1. Your home town (village) sounds like heaven

  2. Your blog always leaves me smiling!!!! Thank you!
    Love the imagery of a bowl of lemons from seing the yellow leaves of the tulip tree.

  3. What a beautiful bird! Great photo.

  4. What a glorious description of the yellow leaves of the tulip tree. I could almost see it!

    I wish we got fall colors like that, but here in Louisiana the leaves go from green to brown, almost overnight, and then they all fall off. Except for the pines and other evergreens.


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