Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Wild west, I can't hear you and drifting off.

1. Our Monday morning meeting is interrupted by the bellowing of cattle being moved into the barn and the shouts of the cowmen.

2. Ignoring the phone because I am on my lunch break.

3. Just as I am falling asleep, a vision of smoky dragons dancing in a blue-green sky.


  1. going good in your habit.
    Are cow free to move on street?

  2. Any excuse to ignore the phone is a beautiful thing!

  3. Wow Tunbridge Wells maintains its rural charms if you can hear the cowmen.

    Like the idea of ignoring the phone at work.

    As for your vision- bliss to have such dimensions in your life !

  4. I've never had a meeting interrupted by cattle, and never visioned a dragon, but I do have a not yet connected phone on the desk in my latest office move. I get peeved when I forget, and on impulse pick it up to dial up someone. But, then I remember it also doesn't ring, and I savor the moment.

  5. I had an image of a city with tall buildings. Your work site must be in the country. Of course, I have no idea what England is like. I only see cows in the countryside-no cowboys, just farmers.

  6. Writer's paradise -- Cows don't wander free over here -- too many cars. They are herded into fields in the summer, and when winter comes they are put under cover.

    Luis and Shari -- I work out in the wilds of Sussex. Our office is a converted farm building. The rent is cheaper than in the town centre, and the parking is easier.

  7. I once lived in a flat in Yately, near Camberley. We had a pond full of carp out back, and were surrounded by endless heath and loads of little pubs. I miss it DREADFULLY but Oregon has its charms as well. Not only do we have cattle where I live, but bison, elk, llamas, alpacas, and reindeer as well. Not that they walk about interrupting meetings, but anyway...

    Cattle have such a soft, warm, lowing sound to them, don't they? Unless they get riled, in which case they just sound testy.


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