Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Growing up, puff and crumpets.

1. A little boy who one moment begs his mother to be carried, and the next moment spots his friends and runs off.

2. Making puffball mushrooms blow out clouds of spores.

3. It is cold enough to eat crumpets.


  1. Okay, I can't help it. I gotta know.What are crumpets?I've heard about them for years, but being from the states, I haven't a clue what they are! left no comment. Did you enjoy the pictures?

  2. I like making puff ball mushrooms puff out spores!

    i just cant seem to find 'em any more


  3. being from canada, i have to ask: how cold does it have to be to eat crumpets? (i DO know what they are!!)

  4. I agree!! Puffball mushrooms ARE cool when they blow out clouds of spores. Are there many mushrooms in the UK? You should speak to my friend Hana (, who could recommend a few good books ... Daniel.

  5. crumpets with honey dripping from the bottom...or vegemite, now you're talking!

  6. Daniel: There are quite a few mushrooms in the UK. I forget how many species, but I am constantly seeing new, unfamiliar ones on my walks through the woods.

    The Guy: I think that some years are better than others for mushrooms, so perhaps that's why you haven't seen any puffballs for a while.

    Featherhead: A crumpet is a sort of bread, or maybe a pancake. It's about the diameter of cup and about 3cm thick. The bottom is brown and the rest of it is a creamy yellow colour. It has a slightly rubbery texture and the top is covered in holes. They are best toasted and spread with butter, which drips into all the holes. And I loved the pictures.

  7. Clare, how great to meet you via blog world! I love your words, I love the "English" vocabulary. Your beautiful thought about "being cold enough to eat crumpets" is a beautiful thing indeed. Here in Georgia of USA, my beautiful thing is that's it's finally cold enough to smell burning leaves outside, to wear a jacket, and to feel really alive! Thank you for your wonderful and beautiful thoughts.

  8. I just went foraging over the weekend and got my first puffballs, but I didn't know you could poof the spores out! Must try.

  9. Ahh crumpets. Just bought my first pack of the winter this very morning and then stumbled across this post. Always toast - never microwave.

    Lovely blog you've got here.

  10. Indeed, I just ruffled through my freezer drawer and rescued a pack of crumpets from deep permafrost.

    They are best served with an English Monkey topping.

    Thanks for the reminder now that inclement weather is upon us.


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