Monday, October 23, 2006

High society, champion and intense chocolate.

1. It's been a bit quiet with Fenella and Andy away. They're back now, however, and to ease them into the routine of married life, I watched Revenge of the Sith with them, and allowed them to give me dinner -- which was both jolly and delicious.

2. Winning a competition on Word Imperfect. This is a game where you have to guess the definition of a word -- the most creative wins. I defined termagant as... well you'll just have to go over and have a look.

3. The smell of a packet of special cocoa powder. Can't wait to try it -- but the milk's gone a bit solid today.


  1. Hi Clare,
    THanks for adding my blog to your Roll of Honor. It really is an honor. THanks again

  2. 'The milk's gone a bit solid'??? I hope you're not going to be bringing your slatternly ways with you to the new flat!! *;)

  3. LOL. I agree that the smell of chocolate brings a special kind of bliss. And just think, with no milk you aren't adding any unfriendly calories to your diet!

    Just enjoy the aroma!

  4. Morrison's. Their milk is rubbish. It wasn't even out of date.

    We are going to have the milkman every morning.

    But we will buy special cartons of UHT milk to use when your grandmother comes round.

  5. No milk, so you'll have to wait to try the cocoa, building the anticipation and making it that much more of a beautiful thing when you DO get to have some! Enjoy!

  6. Mmm...cocoa! Sounds wonderful.
    I am also enjoying the word imperfect blog...but you've been coming up with such good definitions I haven't been able to compete the last couple of entries. ;)

    Thanks for the link!!

  7. cocoa sounds pretty damn good...i dont know about the UK but its getting a bit nippy in the northeast of the US. lovely thoughts as usual, and thanks for the link!

  8. Clare
    Thanks for mentioning me on your list of beautiful things. You have certainly increased traffic to my blog! I really appreciate that. And I love your guesses. Have a great day.

  9. I'm sure she will appreciate that very much. And we will have a handsome milkman who comes at ten to seven so you don't get woken up at 6am and lie there fuming until the alarm goes off. <--voice of experience.


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