Saturday, October 21, 2006

Shh, autumnals and soup.

1. The quiet of the office when everyone has gone to the pub at lunchtime. And having colleagues who don't think I am being stand-offish or unfriendly if I don't feel like joining them.

2. The turkey oak has filled the corner of the Grove with its angular orange and red leaves.

3. The sound of what will be a pan of soup simmering on the hob.


  1. Hi Clare
    I have been 3BT ing for a week or so now. Though my beautiful things are not as unbiased as urs are!! Visit my page sometime…

  2. Clare
    I enjoyed your description of angular leaves. It actually made me stop and physically picture them in my mind. Thanks for the moment.

  3. your blog inspired me a lot. a post in my blog entitled three wonderful things is dedicated to you and your blog. pls visit

  4. That turkey oak is one of my best friends.

  5. Molly, it's the top of the stove -- what do you call it, I wonder?

  6. Clare, I love this blog. When angry or low I say thank you thank you thank you to whatever I see that is wonderful (trees, my healthy legs, a chocolate bar, a cloud, my husband ...). It can sometimes be a stretch dragging myself out of my grump and focussing on the outside, but the joy I feel when I'm on a roll, thanking the world for its very existence – it's the greatest high ever.

    Let's try today.
    1/My husband, setting off to his clowning course, feeling nervous and excited.
    2/My cold, which means I can lounge around in my oversized and very comforting robe all day.
    3/The uncharacteristic quiet of this London Sunday afternoon, reminding me of those quiet Sundays of childhood when all the shops were closed and there was simply *nothing to do*.

    The theme seems to be solitude and quiet and laziness. Perfectly beautiful chestnutty autumnal Sunday things.

  7. The turkey oak has filled the corner of the Grove with its angular orange and red leaves.

    That puts a really nice autumn image in my head, thank you Clare...!!!



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