Monday, October 16, 2006

Paddle, peel and warming things.

1. Learning the ways of kyaking. When I first start, I turn round in circles. But our instructors explain the secret ways and quite soon I am darting around in a straight line, turning when I want to turn and not bumping into the others. I really liked the way he corrected a bad paddling technique. 'You're moving your hands with each stroke, which is good because it gives you more leverage, but it's better to keep them still so you've got a grip on your paddle.' I enjoyed the manoeuvrability -- it was great being able to get into the water so easily; and to paddle into a sea cave or right up against the cliffs. Kim reports that it's a wonderful way to get close to wildlife, because they don't hear you coming. 'I've made friends with moorhens.'

2. The gear you wear for outdoor pursuits -- specially if it's borrowed -- can be smelly and uncomfortable. One of life's great pleasures is taking it off.

3. Hot chocolate after a couple of hours on the water. And back at the lodge, a lunch of warming soup full of potatoes and lentils and vegetables with doorsteps of bread and butter.


  1. Hi Clare
    Great to see you inspiring the world to look on the bright side. We need that. My beautiful things today were a surprise phone call from a friend, mustard on a frankfurter and my husband coming home from work in his lunch break.

  2. Hi,
    I love the idea of your blog. May all your moments be happy ones worthy of being noted. Hmmm my happy moments for the day were:
    1) A friend offering to run an errand for me.
    2)My MBA first semester results are out and I did great.
    3) Its boiling here in Cairo (Egypt) so I had a refreshing cool shower this morning. That was a blast.
    Keep it up.

  3. Sounds like a delightful trip! I love the way you look at the bright side about wearing outdoor gear.

  4. My BT today: Walking around the corner at work to find Donna, the middle aged and, let's face it, slightly frumpy (but very jolly and entertaining) lady from accounts learning how to do a 'wickeed' finger snap, rap star stylee.

  5. hi clare, it sounds like an awesome trip!

  6. Good luck with kayaking...I can't kayak worth a hill of beans, but the soup was what caught my attention. Maybe I'm all about the "apres" part of kayaking.

  7. I love slowly warming up from the inside with hot soup after cold outdoor activities.

  8. Muito Legal o Blog, I can to talk with you more?


  9. Babes!! Its still monday and the date on ur blog is already reading Tuesday!! Kayaking must have got u real excited!!!

  10. Found your blog through "blogs of note." I admire your focus and dedication to writing everyday, and have added you to my blogroll. I look forward to reading more of your stuff.

  11. Ummmmmm....the soup sounds wonderful. Felt it's warmth after a chilly adventure.

  12. I second that this is such a great idea for a blog. I hope it brightens your spirits a little everyday.

    Hope you don't mind if I share:

    Elections, publications, and boyfriends:

    1. I won an election today to serve on my college's governing body.
    2. I'm just being thanked in acknowledgements for some work that I did, but an article I worked on is appearing in a scholarly magazine next month.
    3. I'm dating someone new for the first time in a long time, and it's so very exciting.

  13. clare,
    you must be very angry about people taking you trite idea for a blog and making it more trite by putting their three things on the comment section. I mean who do these people think they are? ralph waldo emerson, or something--dante, geeze.
    I think I'm going to post a a poem in your comments section, instead of three beautiful things. Here goes: the bottoms of my shoes
    are clean
    from walking
    in the rain

  14. I absolutely love your site! I love the idea of it and have really enjoyed seeing your daily 3 things. Thanks for the breath of fresh air!


  15. Calabar Girl -- Ooops. Thanks for pointing it out.

    Bar Bar Butt -- On the contrary, I love it when other people 3BT. I enjoy discovering the small beauties in other people's lives; and I am tremendously flattered that other people pick up the idea.

  16. Clare, i love #3 so much that i can practically taste the hot chocolate and the vegetable soup. Oh man, it's that time of year again!

  17. So you know that's the last time anyone lends you their outdoor gear! LOL!
    Fun blog!

  18. Hey Clare!

    I found your blog via the Blogs of Note, but I find it very intriguing and uplifting. I'm a bit of a pessemist myself, so I love your idea for this blog, it keeps you looking at the sunny side of things.

    Keep it up!

    In the same spirit, I suppose I'll share just one good thing about today.

    1. Listening to old songs from years and years ago really brings back some strange memories and emotions. The euphoria of tasting the ghosts of the past, I suppose you could say.


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