Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Snooze, last rose and yellow soup.

1. Going back to sleep for half an hour.

2. A last rose in the midst of leafless briars. It is an unremarkable plastic pink colour by day, but at night it glows.

3. A large bowl of bright yellow butternut squash soup. And the smell of coriander as I am chopping it to add to this soup.


  1. The smell of India - dust and burning and cowsh1t and rosepetals and sandalwood. It's an amazing place. Even women working in the fields wear the most beautifully coloured saris and look indescribably elegant.

  2. I can't decide which of these is the most delicious.

  3. Wow, we love your site. It's such a great idea and it's spread into so many other blogs considering your list of 3BT's (which i didn't understand until I read some).

    Definitely including this as a link.

  4. I have this linked to my site - I love postive people! Way to savor and enjoy the things around you!!


  5. love the online gratitude journal....awesome idea. I ocassionally post my entries online.
    1. For Sue complimenting me on how beautiful I looked in the photographers proofs.
    2. For getting a rak from Sandra in the post.
    3. being able to eat two of the 15 mini size pinkie bars since we had no trick or treaters for halloween.

    Sorry I used wordpress and only have a blogger id so I can leave comments. Janine



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