Thursday, October 05, 2006

Computer says no, a moment's peace and heat vampire.

1. The huge satisfaction of being unhelpful to a rude customer.

2. Just before 8pm, I pass a shop that is being refitted. There are tools and wood and dust everywhere. In the midst of all the muddle sits a builder reading the paper.

3. Coming in out of the cold night to find my flat is a comfortable 23C. This warmth is partly leftovers from the morning sun and partly my neighbours' central heating.


  1. Being amused by City gents and their my-one's-bigger-than-your-one competitiveness over golfing umbrellas, despite them being totally impractical on the crowded pavements, and even too wide to fit under the scaffolding.

    Oh, and Ruth emailing me to say she had a spare ticket to Spamalot and did I want to go?

  2. 1. Having a vicarious moment via your BT #1. I don't have to deal with rude customers anymore, but BT#1 totally flooded me with many satisfying memories of being extremely unhelpful to them. Ahhh!

    2. I never thought of it this way before, but Cape Cod is shaped like a curled finger, perhaps beckoning Pilgrims to come over from England.

    3. Last but not least, the ever-shifting array of feelings that's come over me today, since I've discovered that I've just become an auntie for the first time! (Along the lines of happy-freaked out-"am I old??"-happy).

  3. 1) Little Britain available on DVD from Netflix (computer says yes!)
    2) back walkway covered in lavender blossoms that washed off the salvia in the recent rainstorm
    3) the idea of sitting in a Paris bistro without someone smoking at the table next to me


  4. The feeling of quiet accomplishment at having calmed down and brightened up a rude customer.

    For you see, it's easy to be patient with people who don't try your patience.

    Congratulations on landing Blogger's spotlight, btw.

  5. Do un to others as you would have others do un to you may be the goldden rule, but sometimes you have to take revenge or the horrible people win.

    1. My Baby

    2. My Cat

    3. My husband, baby, cat & I cuddling at bedtime.

  6. He was on his 8pm 'break'...

  7. HAH! Little Britain cracks me up... 'but I just wanted a vegetarian meal!!'

  8. WOAH!!! you get so many comments!!!!
    what do you feed your blog in breakfast???

    please do take a mn to tell me on my blog:) thanks

  9. Treating a rude customer rudley a beutiful thing. Funny and maybe even a little bit guiltily vicarious satisfaction.

    Congratulations to you.

  10. Amen to item #1! It certainly doesn't help much, but it feels great!

  11. hi

    hope your flat is a happier place than mine ;)

    and yes, how do you get so many people viewing your blog?

    Little Britain - does anyone remember a dance tune from the early 90s with the same title???



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