Saturday, October 07, 2006

Friday talk, snug and eating while you read.

Good morning all -- welcome to all those who surfed in off Blogs of Note, and all the regulars too. I am thrilled at being a Blog of Note -- really glad to have the opportunity of telling more people about the idea of Three Beautiful Things. I have read all the comments and I am delighted by all the compliments and very pleased that so many people are enjoying 3BT. Hope you stick around.

1. The Friday conversation: 'So what are you doing this weekend?'

2. We can't see the hills, and the clouds are racing overhead. The wind is howling, and the rain is lashing against our big window. It makes the office seem very cosy and safe.

3. Having a slice of pizza in one hand and a book in the other.


  1. Though I completely believe in what you are doing as a wonderful thing - but isnt it incomplete?
    isnt there some significance in acknowledging that there are things that are wrong and painful too - and as it were not brush them under the carpet?

  2. I like what you're doing and I'd be tempted ignore the comment above - by acknowledging the beautiful things you are, by default, acknowledging the wrong and painful too.

  3. Hi Neha,

    I think that there are enough records of the painful, wrong things that go on in this world, and there are people who are better at spotting them and describing them than me.


  4. congratulations on making 'blogs of note' btw, what are u doing this weekend :)

  5. I saw the title of your blog by chance and let me tell you that is amazing!Congratulations! I loved it! It´s refreshing and is something that we all must do before going to sleep every night. If we realize at least, 3 good things that have happened to us during the day We´ll be happiest.
    I´ll start to do it :) Keep blogging.

  6. I'm one of those who swayed in from the 'blogs of note' link.

    Nice Blog.

  7. Just wandered on through from "blogs of note" - this is exquisite.
    I was feeling a bit low today and I read the first few blogs and thought "well, its alright for HER, she does have beautiful things in her life."
    But then a friend rang, and my cat jumped up on the keyboard, and I remembered that its spring and the weekend and yay! I have four beautiful things. I'll be back to have more looks.

  8. Hey Eva, Glad you feel happier now. Those are good beautiful things. Hope you'll share more in the future.

    The thing about 3BT is, it's not that my life is particularly beautiful (although I know as a single woman living in England in 2007, I have a lot to be thankful for) but that I find myself constantly on the look-out for beautiful things.


  9. I agree Clare - the more you look the more you see. It's just that we're often too busy (or busy being cross, grumpy and cynical) to notice.

    Congrats on being a blog of note!!

    1. After days of rain, Saturday turns out to be great washing-day weather - sunny and breezy.

    2. The dogs all being so pleased to see me when I get back from shopping.

    3. Being hailed in the street by my old Latin teacher on his bicycle.

  10. Good ideia, congratulations! :)

  11. hai Clare,
    my first blog experience is with u r 3BT. I am feeling lucky & in a flash all good things in my came to my mind. Thank u for the wonderful experience & keep blogging

  12. Cool! I would like you to check out I think you'd like it! Or mabey you could advertise my blog on your blog to get me started?

  13. Wonderful list! I'm adding you to my blogroll, hope you don't mind =)

  14. 3BT for me
    enjoying u r blog

    its raining & cool

    I am not working today so relaxing

  15. Congratulations on being a Blog of Note.

    3BT for me
    1 it's Saturday
    2 the weather's warm and sunny
    3 having pizza for supper (I love pizza)

  16. Gratitude is such a bEauTifuL thing, and finding a moment in the day to acknowledge just 3BT is like taking a moment to splash some jOy on ur soul (and to those who read here and hopefully take a page out of this blog:)

    i think ur an angel, clare!

    love peace n magic

  17. Hello! I am also wandering in from the "blogs of note." Congrats on that by the way. And I must say I absolutely love this idea. It is honestly one of the best thingsI have read in a long time. Fantastice Job!!!

  18. What a beautiful idea, Clare - thanks for sharing it, and I can see Neha's point, but there are a lot of blogs out there to point out the ugly things in the world - try BBC News 24 for a start.

    Keep up the good blog


  19. What a wonderful blog! The posts are short, sweet, and to the point. I enjoyed reading it!

  20. All enjoying reading it! I'm too.

  21. hey! this is a great concept.

    Its really good to think about
    the beautiful things in life because people are too sad.


  22. This blog is about the happiness, and not the sadness. What a great idea!

  23. God I hope Regis is visiting your city. You know Regis of Live with Regis and Kelley. I like him to be rained in. I'm not his fan or her fan. I won't want anybody else to be rained in.

    Little advice: You should not be eating Pizza and reading. You need to enjoy food or not eating at all. You need to have a free flow of Saaliva to mix with your food for it to be digested. And people doing, what you are doing, run the risk of Choking. Why run the risk.

    Boy I love England though I've never visited it. I like your hairdo and dreaming eyes. Are you single? If you are my email address is

    I don't send my email address to every one. You said you love friends. I thought I could be your friend. I'm a male though. I hope you love male friends.

    My name is satish

  24. boring, boring, boring, trite

  25. The idea of office seeming cosy is really surprising sentiments.....


  26. Hi Clare, Am a first time visitor to your blog. Just finished posting an entry into mine and saw your blog's address featured on blogspot's main page. Have gone through some of your entries. Interesting, - the way you blog. Is the whole idea, writing about three things which made you happy/brough a smile, during the day? What a lovely concept! I especially liked your entry of Oct 4 about the little boy.

    Also noticed that you are based at Kent. So, hi again. I was at Canterbury for a order to avoid the brewing nostalgia I shall sign off! Good luck with your blog.

  27. This is inspirational and it put a smile on my face. My 3BT's for today...

    1.Waking up next to my boyfriend who sleeps with a smile on his face.
    2. drinking a glass of my favourite wine whilst reading your blog
    3. sunday tomorrow, my favourite lazy day.

  28. Hi Clare, This is a cool blog you have here. I'm definitely going to add you to my favorite blogs list! Thanks for the inispiration.

  29. What a wonderful idea for a blog !

    You look at life and realise
    There is beauty and wonder and love
    You look at life and realise
    There is pain and suffering and evil

    But to you , I shall reveal
    Things in my life which give me
    Zest and zeal
    My three beautiful things !

    Aah , just an amateur attempt at some poetry . Rock and roll , buddy !


  31. This is such a wonderful idea! Even better than a gratitude journal - and I LOVE that you're sharing it with us all!

  32. I stumbled upon your website last night after updating my own blog when I noticed it was now a Blog of Note.

    Such a wonderful idea!! I've added you to my daily reads!!!

  33. Sounds tempting!!
    I could add a thing or two, like the aroma of fresh coffe brewing while you are waking up in the morning.


    Thanx for sharing!

  34. An enjoyable and inspirational site.

    3BT for me today

    being home alone
    having lunch with dear friend, visiting from Belgium
    chipmunks running around the yard

  35. Hey Clare - what a great blog! I love it!

    I also love your name - my great-grandmother, my grandmother, my mother, and my daughter carry it!

    (Darn it! I got skipped somehow! LOL!)

    Anyway, thanks for making me look UP today instead of down!


  36. Hey Clare,

    I used to obsessively check the "blogs of note" area with the hopes that someday maybe someone will recognize my blog for it's risque humor and insane... well... everything.

    Now that the fog has lifted (partly due to my visit to your site) I realized I couldn't give a rats ass as to who liked it or not.

    I must say that when I surfed up and down your amazing entries, it was truly refreshing to see that people like you DO exist out there. Someone who's bafflingly intelligent (not sure if that's even a word... how ironic), and I'm sure your cute to boot. Hey, I may be gay... but I recognize a cutie when I come across one.

    Latin kisses,


  37. I'm perplexed to see that I spelled a word wrong. I meant to write "you're" instead of your. You'll see it... LOL

    My bad... LOL

  38. Enjoying in something that you got is very healthy relationship with yourself. I like the idea of you find something priceless in yourself. Keep going. Your journey is so bright in front of you.

  39. Also came in from Blogs of Note and now adding my "I like what you're doing here" to the applause.

  40. Hi,

    I enjoyed reading your blog. Actually, it inspired me to set up my own at last, something I've been meaning to do for a while.

    It struck me that some of your TBTs would qualify as "haiku moments", the moments in present time that inspire people to write haiku, the three-line form that originated in Japan in the 1600s. Maybe you might consider writing these (assuming you don't already)? I've been writing them for ten years now, and hope to incorporate them into my blog.

    Good luck!

  41. I found your blog on "Blogs of Note".

    I love safe cozy feelings when it's stormy.

  42. Love your blog! Very inspirational.

  43. Hey yo! Yeap... I think it's a good idea too. I'm going, "Well, why didn't I think of this?" Definitely something new on the blogosphere. I think that yeah, life is too harsh to keep looking at the bad side of things. Good for you, you can find wow, three things that are beautiful. :0 Keep up the good work.

  44. HI Clare,

    I am glad you took my comment in the right perspective. I am in no way doubting the validity or usefulness of what you are doing. I agree that most of us tend to look our personal lives and see what a mess they are - especially on the blogs. I agree again that looking at 3 wonderful things each day is a brilliant idea. However, just as looking at life as a complete mess would be something incomplete; i was wondering if NOT looking at life's messes would also be incomplete.

    Congrats, great work!

  45. congrats on blog of note! visiting for the 1st time, and i totally like this idea and that you are sharing this w/others. thanks and i'm going to check-in on & off!

  46. I, too, wandered in from Blogs of Note. I love this idea, and I'm going to incorporate it into my life, and hopefully my blog.

    I'm interested in Neha's comments. I get the point, and I don't disagree, but I also think it is not a blog's job to be "complete".

    My 3BT for today:
    Home with my hubby all day
    A hilarious phone chat with my sister
    An amazing full moon rising through the front window as I type this

  47. Awesome idea!

    My 3 Beautiful Things for the day:

    1- A song that brings you to sobbing tears, and by doing such, gives you a headcold for the rest of the week.
    2- Christmas decor in stores starting Sept 30th.
    3- A weekend with absolutely no plans, and spending 90% of it in bed with a cup of hot chocolate and your best friend to cuddle with!

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  49. ah...u hav maintained a nice blog...
    i liked it...
    hope to see more good stuff coming from ur blog...

  50. A unique-topic blog,i like it!

  51. Don't look at me. I'm shy. But you have a sweet blog. I should have married you.


  52. I absoulutely love the concept of your blog! I really love the idea - I kind of wish I had thought of it too. Keep it up!

  53. Life can be overwhelming and nature is cruel. There is great comfort in appreciating the small little things that can make you smile; the things that can make a grey day/week/year seem that little bit brighter and the future appear worthwhile.

    And often you don't see those things unless you force yourself to open your eyes.

    Well done, what a wonderful idea.

    1. Waking up everyday next to soulmate
    2. A hot slice of raisen toast smothered in melted butter
    3. Seeing my dog lying belly up because he feels happy and secure.

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  56. Here are my three things:

    1) Blog Of Note helping you find a new favorite blog.
    2) Someone writing about little and big things just because they are warm or fuzzy or sweet or beautiful.
    3) Discovering that if A.A. Milne (or more specifically Pooh-Bear himself) were to write a blog, it would be called Three Beautiful Things.

    I love what you're doing - thank you so much for sharing your sweet thoughts with us!

  57. 4. Being named a prestigious Blog of Note.

  58. Congratulations on being a Blog of Note.

    All the best...

    Indian Girls

  59. I found you through "blog of note" link. I find your posts interesting and eclectically varied. Will check back in future

    Indian Girls

  60. Hi Clare,

    Congratulations for becoming a blog of note, it is truly deserved. I have decided to join the 3BT club and have started listing as of today. I even have a link to your blog in mine.
    The moon last night was stunning in the southern hemisphere too. A gorgeous burning orange glow that I couldn't keep my eyes off...a bit of a worry really as I was driving at the time.
    Keep up the great blog
    PS My mum's from Kent too

  61. This is a great blog. So simple and wonderful. I'm going to try incorporating your three beautiful things from time to time.

  62. Hi!
    I like this blog...
    Among the three beautifiul things that happened to me this weekend are...

    1/ Going to the beach.
    2/ Enjoyed the waves even if I couldn't learn to surf and was happy with using the body board.
    3/ Seeing a ghost from my past in the same beach (of all places) and had a short and pleasant talk.

  63. What a coincidence! I read about Neha's comment about the painful things...

    I've writted a couple of blogs about sets of three events that are actually total opposites of your three beautiful things.I've been blogging about three consecutive bad things that happened to me, believing that badluck comes in three's.

    I guess I give too much thought on the bad things that happened to me and I guess should also acknowledge the good stuff...

  64. life is painful & problematic. we have to make much efforts to stick to beautiful things.

    however, it is nice to have beautiful things. the rarer they are, the more we have to treasure them.

  65. I like this blog. It's nice to talk about the thing that made our life easier.
    I'm from Spain. Sorry for my english.

    My three beautiful things are:

    1. My son. He kiss me every morning when he wakes up.
    2. Coffee. One black coffee while I read the news.
    3. The views from my window. I can see the mountains and I can feel the sun over me.

  66. Three more beautiful things....from my WISHLIST.............

    Sitting near the window when the rain is lashing against the pane...sipping tea..

    An unexpected phone call from one of my school pals when I am in one of those silly mood bouts..

    Cracking a puzzle at work..finding out a new way of doing my work at office(er discovering a new way..) and sharing the joy of the discovery with colleuges

  67. 1 fragrance of flowers

    2 smiling faces of children

    3 some good drinks

  68. 1. sharing a good joke with frens...
    2. espresso
    3. when the peaks show up after a good drizzle ...around Kathmandu valley

  69. i really like this idea. and i must agree that there really are enough bad things in the world, why should we acknowledge them yet more?

  70. So many commenters have responded to your 3BT with their 3BT! For today, mine are...
    1. a lovely fall day
    2. a loving husband
    3. my sweet daughter

  71. Congratulatons on getting d "blogs of note" title =) I'm jealous of ye xD

  72. Its really wonderful that you can find 3BTs everyday. Its tough for some people to find any. Thanks for reminding us to find our own 3BTs everyday!

  73. Your blog is absolutely fascinating!

  74. so popular! attracts so many! it is wonderful,


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