Friday, October 27, 2006

Tasks, autumnals and onions.

1. We have got a temp in at work and he's doing all the tasks that need doing but get put to one side because they are boring.

2. I set out late for my walk and meet my boss coming back from his. 'It's wonderful,' he says. 'All the colours!' Going down the lane I spot guelder rose trees bowed down by bloated, glossy scarlet berries; holly trees with thick clusters of waxy red berries; bloomy grey blue sloes; silk pink spindle berries and leaves in all shades of orange and red and brown.

3. Nibbling at fried onions while I wait for my dinner. It's meant to go in the pasta, but I'm cooking for myself, so there's no-one to tell me not to pick and spoil my supper.


  1. Thanks for the comments yesterday, guys. I don't say it often enough, but I really do appreciate it when you all join in.

    It can add another dimension to a beautiful thing -- somone else's memory gets tangled in with mine and suddenly it's a lot more beautiful.

    I liked the misspelling of Canada, Dayna: Candad -- It's the Fatherland.

  2. Hi Clare,
    Thanks for the thanks by the way.

    I'm sure that when the big switch over to google happens your other groups will switch too.


  3. Claire, I loved your description of the colours. It's breathtakingly beautiful.

    Being an English person in Canada, one of the blessings I get from reading your daily posts, is a window into England at this moment in time.

    Thank you for writing. Opening your blog daily is like dipping into a delicious box of truffles.

  4. Thank you so much for helping me to see the positives that life brings. I especially loved your comment about "no-one to tell me not to pick and spoil my supper". It's so emotive.

    Your vivid description of the autumn colours has made me vow to go out and enjoy them tomorrow. I can't wait!! :-)

    Thank you again and again.

  5. Your blog changed my perspective on the drudgery of my today.

  6. We call fried onions "fried worms" in our house. "What's for dinner?" "Pork chops, salad and fried worms." The kids seem to like it.

    Your blog helps me remember all the things I miss about England. I've been away a long time and it made me sad for a few years, but now I can read about it here and smile instead.

  7. 3 words for you:

    1. Don't.
    2. Ever.
    3. Stop.

  8. Dear All,

    Thanks again for the comments -- I'm really glad to be providing a little slice of England for all your nostalgic expats.

    Jen -- that's a pleasure. The autumn colours are pretty good this year. I've really been enjoying them at work -- they change almost every day. By the way, you haven't seen or heard from Rosey recently, have you? She's not answering her phone -- which could be because she's on her island.

  9. Thanks Clare. I love seeing the colours when I get home. Being stuck in a hospital with no windows from our department means I tend to forget the lovely seasons most of the time.

    I haven't heard from Rosey for a while... I might send her a quick email at some point. I hope she's having fun on her island! Bit cooler and wetter than California I'm guessing??


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