Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Service, sisters and settling.

1. A mug of hot coffee being brought to my desk.

2. Hilary at work describing how her two daughters went off shopping together to get a birthday outfit for the youngest one. We often hear about their squabbles, and Hilary was obviously thrilled that they co-operated long enough to do this.

2. Last time I spoke to the mother of my goddaughter, she was a bit frayed because the little rascal wasn't sleeping for more than two hours at a stretch. But I phoned her yesterday and she sounded so relaxed and contented. The baby is sleeping eight hours at a go, and now has two little teeth.


  1. The first beautiful thing can always be a cup of coffee...

    I love this blog, it makes me smile, thanks Clare...

    I'll be back, later...

  2. Ahhh, not only a cup of Joe - but one being brought to you. Perfect.

  3. i stumbled on your blog - following 'blogs of note'.

    what an awesome idea.

    and so unbelieveably refreshing. to think that each and every day there are three beautiful things. and to think that i feel like its possible to understand who you are simply by reading what it is that you find beautiful each and every day.

    seriously awesome.


  4. Looking back at my younger days as the eldest of 3girls, my two sisters used to gang up against me all the time. Their bond was inseperable but thank God as we've grown older, I've been accepted into their clique too. Thats one of my 3BT for today.

  5. Got here through Blogs of Note.

    You sound like a very wonderful, happy and content person. I somehow envy your lightness of being.

    May you have more beautiful things in life coming.


  6. Vague realizations, metal gutters, contentment...

    This morning, in that state between full wakefulness and some vague sense of alert, I remembered that all four of my young children would be home on school holiday today. This can sometimes be a daunting realization! Then I heard raining falling hard against the ground, swooshing down the metal gutters that run along the corners of our house, and felt my youngest son snuggled up against me (must've had a bad dream last night). It's not that early anymore, but it's still dark with the storms coming through.

    The idea of being home with my babies today, the rain we're having, the coffee I'm about to go brew (with a delicious new chi creamer) and the certainly unhurried pace we'll all move at today were indeed beautiful things!

    Yesterday, I stumbled across your blog and was SO taken. I admit, as soon as I got my coffee and while enjoying the silence of the morning, I couldn't wait to check it out! Have a lovely day!

  7. First visit of mine!

    A hot cup of coffee is a joy forever (almost :-) )

  8. Good Idea! May I copy this? I like it too :-)

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  10. What a wonderful and inspirational idea...glad to see it on blogs of note.

    This is like free therapy!! Thanks!

  11. I like this!!

    My 3 are:

    1) A cup of tea (sorry coffee fans tea is the answer to all problems)
    2) A hot bath - cures stress, period pain (sorry guys it had to be said, colds, headaches and gives you space on your own for half an hour
    3) Talking - to anyone and about anything

    L xx

  12. hi
    After having followed up on ur blog for a while i have been watching out for three beatutiful things in my life as well. it makes the dreary days a wee bit brighter.

  13. My 3BT for today are:

    1. Having lovely positive reponses from everyone at me 'Once-a-Month-Sunday-Brunch' idea.

    2. Hearing all the gossip about the staff in the other departments from colleagues in my department at my new job, and realising this means I've been accepted into their "gang". (That and being invited for an after-work meal with them this coming Friday).

    3. One of the guys at work recommending a book to me (about Euan McGregor biking round the world) and then actually bringing the book in the next day for me to borrow. In my experience people always promise to lend a book/dvd/cd but then never get round to actually doing it, so I find it beautiful that Paul did.

  14. this is a dumbass idea for a blog.

  15. I love this. I have been trying to get myself to do this for ages, but being as moody as I am, it's hard. Cheers to you!

  16. I absolutely love your blog and I've checked out those who in honor have attempted the same. Yours is still the best. Thx.

  17. Coffee is the first thing of the day, at least I am not alone. Thanks....

  18. Hooray for Java! And thank you so much for placing my little blog on your honor roll! :) You've started something, here! It's amazing to see how many are doing this! Keep it up!

  19. This has been an inspirational idea.I stumbled across your blog, and want to thankyou for refreshing my mind, to look for the sunny-side "uppness" of life! Our small blessings are endless aren't they??!....Keep up the writing...it's wonderful.

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  21. Scumbag is just upset because he woke up with his panties in a wad and didn't get any coffee...

    Take care Clare and we'll see ya' manana...

  22. 1 a cup of hot coffee in the morning with rye bread + cheese

    2 Japanese food for lunch

    3 dinner at home with my darling girls

  23. your blog is beautiful and it makes me smile. everyone should do this excersize and i think I will too in the future. It was a pleasure reading your blog please continue.


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