Saturday, April 14, 2007

Back to bed, my records and job done.

1. Instead of getting up and going all the way to the office, I am working from home, so make breakfast and take it and the laptop back to bed with me.

2. My father reminiscing about the stack of LPs I have taken from him. 'The Beatles? My favourites.' and 'I didn't think much of that one.' and 'We got these Gregorian chants for [my great aunt] when no-one listened to Gregorian chants.'

3. I am so glad to have finished the magazine of embarrassing photos that I have made for Katie's birthday that I have to give it to her early. It gives her a chance to have a look through it in peace, because it will be a bit of scramble on the day. And it gives me a chance to enjoy seeing her reaction, and to pick out a few last-minute mistakes before I make copies to show everyone.