Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Shedding a layer, skylarks and herbs.

1. Walking to work and wishing that I hadn't bothered to put on a jacket.

2. Hearing skylarks singing above the office.

3. Cooking with sage from the pot on my balcony.


  1. I love the positivity of your blog. Here's mine for today.
    1. Listening to the new-born lambs outside my window. 2. Watching little goldfinches pecking away at my husband's bird-feeders. 3. Drinking a mug of cool, fresh water from my kitchen tap.

  2. Ooooo skylarks! We saw some on Sheppey on Monday. And a big marsh harrier, too.

    I had to just sit very still and try not to look too mouse-coloured.

    In fact here are mine....

    1)seeing a blue-tit in the garden collecting feathers and twigs for a nest
    2)looking at Mummy's old books at Granny's house from when she was a child- it was cute to see her handwriting inside the front covers.
    3)Mummy making me a sun hat out of a small hankie, so that I wouldn't melt my beads whilst sitting at the front of the car on the dashboard.

    Bob :@}

  3. Hey Clare,

    Just wanted to tell you that I came across "The Teacher." This is what you are doing and so many others who are inspired by you to create their own 3BTs. Take a peek at my blog, Literally Blindsided and read the latest post "A Powerful Lesson." :)

  4. Hey! Thanks for posting that interview, it's really neat...I hope you're able to do what you want to do with 3BT in the future and share it with a wider audience.

  5. Now, look at all the people you are affecting!

    4. Feeling the warm sun on your face as you walk to work, enjoying the singing of the birds (whatever they are)


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