Friday, April 20, 2007

Mementoes, studio and happy days.

1. There is a lady making bobbin lace at the needlework fair, and I stop for a chat. While she's telling me about knots and spiders and cushions, I notice that many of her bobbins have messages poker-worked on to them -- 'A present from...' or 'Thanks for all your help.'

2. Walking into the studio at Charleston because it is such a light, bright room full of fascinating things. It feels as if someone has pulled everything they liked to see into one room.

3. On top of Firle Beacon I spot a woman in a distinctive blue jersey dress. She seems to be alone, but there's something about her that isn't alone, although I can't see anyone in the car with her. I imagine she has come up here to take in the silence of a high place, the bright blue sky and the green downs. Later we spot her in the garden at Charleston. She is sitting on a the grass with a jolly-looking baby -- I guess that's why she wasn't alone up on the Beacon. Sometimes when I think of the future and the family I might have, all I can think of are the things it will stop me doing. But this woman didn't seem to be burdened by responsibility, and didn't seem to be missing out on things she wanted to do -- she looked like she was enjoying time with her baby.


  1. Yes, a baby changes your life. You learn to work around it like most people do. The rewards are far greater..a sticky hug and kiss from a toddler telling you she loves you...a mischievious twinkle in her eye as she tries to do something she knows better not to do...a smile that lights up the room and tugs your heart...despite the negatives, there's a lot of positives, too. You make do.

    No matter which side of the grass you are on, you always wonder about the other side.

    Take care.

  2. What heaven your 2nd Thing today must be...a room filled with most favourite stuff.
    What about a room filled with most favourite people?
    I always want these people to meet each other, then like each other...occassionally, that doesn't happen, it doesn't " take" and I suffer a shred of disappointment..

  3. I work in a library and mostly see overwhelmed mothers with a multitude of children all wanting something different at the same time. It's a relief to know that there are still mothers out there having fun with their children and experiencing the joy they bring!

  4. What a lovely was like that for me with my own happy baby Clare...for days that aren't, I'm bookmarking this post!


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