Friday, April 27, 2007

Run, how did that get there and fetch.

1. New hosiery is a lottery. I have had a run (sorry) of bad luck with tights lately. Pulling on a new, comparatively expensive pair as I dress for a meeting, I discover that they do not fit and I put my finger through them trying to get them on. I am inconsolable, until Katie points out that the black pair (or even, how daring, no tights at all) will do just as well. The black pair fit fine.

2. A red car parked next to the motorway in the middle of a wheat field. It has a 'Police Aware' sign on it.

3. Watching Oli sending clients running after the projector he wants for his presentation. I love the way he always asks for, and gets, whatever he needs. Being used to a make-do and mend philosophy, I would probably have everyone crowded round the laptop