Sunday, April 29, 2007

Yellow cards, summer bearer and rough leaves.

This week I am doing some sections of the High Weald Landscape Trail. Saturday was the day for East Grinstead to Groombridge.

1. Coming across two signposts decorated with yellow cards -- they were sign-ins for an Essex County Council Expedition. Flying Fish boasted of being ahead of schedule, and told the organisers to have the icecreams ready; while Fatty and Gymnasts seemed fairly confident, but added a dramatic cliffhanger: 'Will Fatty and Gymnasts make it? Only time will tell'. Poor Clueless? were less happy. 'Sarah brought to tears. We've been carrying her bag since Forest Row' read the first card. The second read: 'Lost a group member, and Sophie's back hurts.' Hope they didn't ditch Sarah and her bag.

2. Hearing my first cuckcoo of the year while standing knee deep in a clover field. The next field is a long slope down to the woods, and I am so happy that I run down it -- until my map falls out of its case and I have to go back for it.

3. A patch of budding gunnera at the end of a pond.