Friday, April 06, 2007

To do, closing and box of chocolates.

1. When things are tough at work, Charlotte is calm, kind and level-headed. She notices what must be done, and does it without making a fuss.

2. I am coming up for my last session of life coaching, and my coach announces that she is moving out of town, which makes the ending seem natural and right.

3. Sharing the wonderful box of chocolates that Katie brought me back from Paris. It is pleasingly heavy, and made of bright red, ridged cardboard. Inside, it doesn't waste space with plastic trays -- two strips of gold card keep things neat, but apart from that, it's chocolates all the way.


  1. You're great. If my life coach were moving, I'd be sad. ... of course, then that could mean one of us didn't do our half of the work effectively enough. hmm. Congratulations on being more mature than me!

    ... as for the chocolates, i do wish you'd share with the rest of us! they sound so scrumptious! ;)

  2. Molly -- that would be a great crowd puller! A chocolate a day for every reader. My hit counter would go crazy.

    I am sad that she's moving, but we've come to a good place to stop for the moment, so it's not really too much of a wrench. Anyway, if I need more sessions, I can have them by phone.


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