Sunday, April 15, 2007

London's lungs, cake stand, Patricia and Katie.

1. Having a few quiet moments to sit with Lou in shady Embankment Gardens enjoying the wallflowers and tulips and watching families with small children having fun in one of London's green space.

2. Tea at the Savoy Hotel -- particularly the rose scented green tea and the way the cake plate kept on being refilled with chestnut puree choux buns decorated with gold leaf.

3. When I started going to pole dancing classes, He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named made me a CD of appropriate music, including a track called Patricia the Stripper (to tremendous applause she took off her drawers), which quickly became one of my favourites. Katie's birthday celebrations took us to a burlesque club -- Madame Jojo's -- and Patricia was one of the songs they performed.

4. My flatmate Katie is 30, so she is the fourth beautiful thing today. We've been friends for just about 19 years now, which is quite an achievement (on her part, anyway). So here's to Katie at 30.


  1. My husband Neale typed in "beautiful things" to google this morning, and came across your site, Clare. What a wonderful idea of yours. As I looked out into our quite small, but overflowing with life,garden,I was filled with joy. The triplet squirrels were playing tag, a medley of birds were feeding and bathing in the garden pond designed by my 13 year old son,George.As I enjoyed the companionship of my 22 year old son,Toby, as he got ready for work, and caught site of the poster designed by my 19 year old son,Harry,for my Metamorphic Technique business,with its beautiful blue butterfly symbol, I thought how blessed I am to have all this in my life. You have reminded me to appreciate it every day.
    Warmest greetings

  2. Happy belated birthday to Katie!

  3. Bit unoriginal, but B'Day wishes to katie too, & sp congratulations for staying friends with Clare for so long!!

  4. Clare, really great blog you have here. I think it is a great concept and very inspirational. I've added it to my daily reading list.

  5. Finally on a PC where I can leave comments from! Thank you Clare and everyone for your birthday wishes. I'd like to nominate Clare as a BT extraordinaire and her Katiepolitan magazine with lots of embarrassing pics from my childhood and amusing anecdotes of times as school as BT no. 5 for this post. It's brilliant!

  6. Fresh air, tiny cakes, fantastically fun dancing and best friends - does a better weekend exist?


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