Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Speculation, fewer worries and small person.

1. On most mornings I pass an old man who is almost bent double. I've seen him coming out of a house which is labelled as belonging to a respected woman's organisation. I speculate that he might be the illicit boyfriend of one of the residents and that he sneaks out every morning at 8.30am so he is not caught by the warden. Or he might just be the husband of the member of a respected woman's organisation on his way to get a newspaper.

2. It is not sunny today, which is much more natural for April. If the sky is clear and blue and the air is balmy, everyone mutters dire warnings about global warming. A dull day means fewer reminders of the handbasket in which we are all going to hell.

3. The anonymous nephew of an un-named colleague is brought in so we can admire him. He has grown considerably since we last saw him -- the anonymous mother, the sister of the un-named and very proud colleague -- says that it's like having a little boy around the house, intead of a baby. Anonymous nephew is also a lot stronger, and when I sit him on my desk, leans back, pushing against my hands. He also grips my fingers, and has to be pried off when it's time to go.