Friday, April 13, 2007

Divine retribution, gods of shopping and aubergines.

1. As we pull out of Oli's drive to turn right, a speeding BMW forces Oli to brake suddenly. We pull out after him -- just in time to see the speed camera flash. We feel good. We feel better when we crest the hill and see him stuck behind a slow bus. He overtakes (dangerously) only to find himself crawling up the hill behind a truck carrying gas cylinders. We pootle along behind him all the way to work. I make faces for him to see in his rear view mirror, and Oli makes lewd speculations about how he likes someone being right up his bum for a change.

2. The miraculous finding of a bag that picks up all the colours (pink, coral, oyster, midnight blue and powder blue) in my new dress. The bag was in a different shop, and (so the counter lady told me) is by a designer not known for her us of bold colours. It was also the last one out.

4. The smell of a moussaka bubbling in the oven.


  1. Clare-Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I'm glad that my post was useful too you. Nice blog, btw!

  2. Ah Yes! There's immense satisfaction to be derived when someone gets a well deserved whack in the back. Reminds you that the wheels of justice are still moving and there's a God...

  3. Cheering blog, this.
    I like silver linings and rose coloured spectacles and although some days it MAY be an effort to see said lining AND find one's spectacles, it REALLY is worth it in the end. .

  4.'s mine for today...
    1. Watching the wriggly tadpoles in the pond.
    2. Feeling the warmth of the sun today.
    3. The feeling that I'm loved for simply being me.
    Great blog...thanks for letting me join in.


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