Thursday, April 19, 2007

Tall tales, bluebells and job done.

1. In the car on the way to work, chewing over a story idea in with Oli and getting the benefit of his experience on the matter.

2. Bluebells in flower under the hedge.

3. Moving the final page from the pile of unproofread pages to the proofed pile.


  1. 4. Finding the empty pile refilled with an even larger stack when you get back from having that cuppa.

  2. I simply adore your web pages, Clair. Last year I was struck by a Transit at 50 miles per hour and life got pretty awful. But, your three pearls of daily wisdom keep my bleak spirits high. maybe I should take the plunge and blog, too?

  3. Hi Clare,

    You have an interesting blog, and I like the title.

    I see that one of your interests is “looking closely at things”.

    The link below lists some things that I’ve looked closely at.

    Lee Herald

  4. re: #3 - doesn't it feel good to get stuff done? i can't wait to get my thesis completely finished, signed, sealed and delivered! ... now just to get my momentum back!


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