Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Blue, ginger and mauve.

1. The smell of bluebells overpowering the smell of a muck-spread field.

2. A slender cat the colour of ginger nuts waiting by the post box. It looks like a little lion and for a moment I wonder if round the corner there might be a herd of appropriately sized zebras and wildebeest.

3. Wisteria. I am always pleased to see houses draped with its long purple flowers springing from nearly leafless vines.


  1. 4. The scent of the wysteria. Interesting how there is a different flower scent at each corner. It's like walking past all the perfume counters at a big store, but much prettier.

  2. Hello I am new here and I live in Kent, too. I have two wisteria plants
    and they both are growing on a wooden overhead lattice over my pathway. One is on the north side and the other is on the south east. The north is thick and beautiful and flowers very well. The SE one is slower growing and pretty sparse. It also flowers but not as much as the other one. My neighbour has wisteria set up just like mine and her
    plant on the SE side is just like mine. I think it's because the one on the SE gets too much sun. I bought both of mine as 2 year plants at the same time.

    Anyway, I was thinking of planting another type of vine on the SE side to fill in and was wondering what kind might do well growing among the wisteria. Thank you in advance for your ideas and I apologise for being so wordy.

  3. Anonymous -- I know almost nothing about gardening -- but perhaps some of the other readers can help?

    Joe -- It's a strange smell, isn't it. We decided a couple of years ago that it was a bit like corn on the cob.

  4. Our wisteria never flowers. NEVER. This year Mummy had threatened it with recycling if it doesn't pull it's twig out.


  5. Here we have also a wild native wysteria and a solid white bloom one. Three varieties actually that are also now blooming here. Those are my three beautiful things for today.


  6. i like that you're waiting for a whole menagerie to pop around the corner. i do so wish life were that fantastical!

    ... i wonder if wisteria is what's growing around my neighborhood. there's something lovely. it looks like lavender and smells of honesuckle, though i know it is neither.

  7. I've 3bt'd on my blog today! Let me know what you think!

    Bob :@}

  8. Isn't Wysteria Lane the home of the Desperate Housewives? (I rarely watch tv, but I'm sure this rings a bell.) Thank you for telling me about Wysteria!

    I just checked in to your site today... many thanks for the link, it's definitely one of my good things today!

    Have a lovely day in the UK. G'night from this side of the pond.

  9. Anonymous,

    I have an arbor with two wisterias on the north-east and north-west corners and a ponytail palm at the south-west corner. I have a Sky vine on the south-east corner, but I ripped it out because of its invasiveness. It crowded out the wisteria, went up and over my 8' tall viburnum hedge and was clearly planning to eat the neighbour's house.

    I planted a Confederate jasmine on that south-east corner last August, partly
    for the fragrance, partly because the leaves are pretty even when it's not in bloom, and partly because it looks delicate and I can still see the arbor post. I was concerned that I might not have removed every trace of the Sky vine and that the jasmine would struggle, but it's doing very well and the white flowers look nice with the wisteria hanging behind it.

    Hope that helps,


  10. I'm so glad that the reading of The Gift of the Sacred Dog brought back good memories for you. I really love the illustrations, too, especially the one with the sun and the one with the horses racing through the clouds! And it really made my day to get your comment, so thank you:)

  11. Thank you. I was thinking about jasmine but I was worried about either the wisteria which vines so strongly might choke out the jasmine or they just wouldn't get along.

    Thank you very much for replying.

  12. Why doesn't anon try Akebia, v nice beany leaves all year & little chocolate coloured & Chocolate scented flowers about now, good if sheltered & sunny. Also has the advantage of 2 different (boy & girl) flowers!
    You may need to get it by mail oredr as not v common, I got mine from RHS Wisley, not sure if they do mail order.


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