Sunday, April 08, 2007

Home sounds, birdlife and bitter almonds.

1. The snorting gurgle of the coffee pot coming to the boil.

2. Pheasants chasing each other round the garden. They lean right forward and hunch their wings in while making a terrifying cock-cock-cocking noise. It's strange to see them feeding with the little birds, and to think that to a sparrow, a pheasant must seem bigger than an elephant does to us.

3. Amaretto biscuits that taste strongly of bitter almonds.


  1. I can smell the coffee, I can see the birds and taste the biscuits! How wonderful!

  2. What a brilliant attitude...
    I like this.
    Thankyou for filling glasses 1/2 full,for Smelling Roses, for Seizing Days and for Making Hay While Sun Shines.
    More of the same needed everywhere!

  3. one of the layers of our wedding cake was amaretto. ... now i really want one of those biscuits!

    (those are cookies, in american, right? if it's alright with you, i'll fantasize about them as biscuits as we know them in america.)

    btw: i'm always happy when you're happy about food. i believe scrumptious food is one of the things that makes life worth living.


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