Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Hot pink, nesting and Tupperware.

1. Walking up Rodean Road stepping on fallen hot pink rhodendron flowers.

2. Sparrows are nesting in the roof of the office. I like it when a shadow sparrow suddenly appears on the wall as the real sparrow flies up the window and into the eaves.

3. He-who-shall-not-be-named has brought a new box of coffee and we pass it around for a sniff.


  1. welcome to my blog

  2. Ah - the sniff of just opened (or ground) coffee. I put a dash of cinammon powder in with the grounds when making a pot - gives a nice background flavor.

    4. The scent of hidden flowers as you walk by.

  3. Rhodendrons on Rodean Road! :-)

  4. That image you painted has got me closing my eyes, inhaling deeply and remembering coffees of the past. I used to live with a coffee connoisseur and can only impart this to others: never, ever grind the beans until you are ready to brew. Think of the farmers! :)

    Also, I see you found Indexed as well (Verbs of Being). Amazing stuff.


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