Sunday, April 22, 2007

Equipment, stop me and buy one and quiet evening in.

1. In the park, a father pushes a tractor-tricycle on the end of pole. In the trailer at the back is a newspaper.

2. The icecream van has come in a burst of tinkly Greensleeves. Movement in the park is suddenly directed at the Claremont Road corner. A little girl comes back to the family next to us and hands her mother some change, explaining: 'There's 60p less because I bought one for my new friend.'

3. People I like sitting on the sofa in a nest of rugs and cushions.


  1. On Friday, I saw a whole family on two triple-seat bikes. Two parents, four kids. It was a sight to see! But everyone looked happy! I think they may have just come from getting ice cream, as a matter of fact!

  2. Often wondered about what music might play on the icecream truck in other countries. It made me smile to have the answer.


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