Monday, May 07, 2007

Again, it's coming and meringues.

1. Conversations with my grandmother can be a bit trying. Again and again she asks why I have walked 40 miles this week. Instead of my usual exasperation mixed with dull misery, I find myself patiently repeating the information, changing my words slightly, or adding a bit more detail each time. Eventually, it seems to stick, and she tells me that it's the sort of thing she might have done at my age.

2. After a dry month, waking up to a dull and misty morning that promises wet weather.

3. My mother's meringues.

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  1. We're pleased to see the rain, too. We're wondering where the frogs are this year. There used to be a pond in our garden years ago (before we got here) and they come back every year.

    Are they late this year or are we looking too early?

    Don't know.

    But it's fun going out with a torch at night in the rain in summer- most we found one night was 18, everywhere, all over the lawn, gravel, flower beds....

    When it isn't raining they come and wallow in the bird bath till dawn....

    Hope they come back soon!


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