Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Order, nuts and grasshopper.

1. Choosing clothes from a wardrobe, not piles on the floor.

2. The taste of pinenuts in my couscous.

3. A patience grasshopper moment. Elated at having written 'THE END' on my script, I talk of bringing a new story to the next class. I am told that I must polish this one, first, write a hook and make a list of possible producers.


  1. A mini hedge of French lavender which I pass every morning on my way to work. I love the cute rabbit ear bits at the top. Also, the Grove is now looking very Grove-ish. It was looking like a Park with trees. Now it looks like Trees with a park underneath.

  2. Write a hook?
    4. Knowing somebody that is writing a book. Very interesting person.

  3. It's a couple of sentences used to 'hook' the person to whom you are selling your play -- or book. Visit evileditor.blogspot.com to learn more.


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