Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Slow moving, malt loaf and dancer.

New post up at 12 Old Masters.

1. It's cold, so I get up by degrees, wandering round wrapped in my duvet, sitting on the sofa, going back to bed, and then finally making a run for it.

2. For breakfast, Katie has slices of malt loaf piled with butter.

3. I drag PaulV along to salsa and he is so up for it. He is really keen to learn more so he can show off. It's great having a partner I know well, because I can tell him off for putting his hands in the wrong place, or for not leading enough -- with a stranger, you can't do that.


  1. 4. Warm Spring mornings, so I can sit outside with my breakfast coffee and enjoy the birds singing and the gentle breezes. (well, it's already 24c here in the morning)

  2. I can't believe you rumbled me having malt loaf for breakfast! Ooops! Yay for PaulV with his dancing feet on. Let's hope he manages to come along again.


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