Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bed tea, one mind and meat.

1. Katie brings me a cup of tea before I am properly awake.

2. Catching the eye of a colleague in a meeting and knowing that they are thinking what I'm thinking.

3. Cold chicken picked off the remains of yesterday's roast eaten with chutney and new potato salad.


  1. Clare walks into the sitting room this morning specially to smile and clap and be excited about her new bookshelves.

    Two very cute young paramedics in an ambulance squeezing down Fenchurch St this morning with their blue lights flashing. They looked quite cheerful about it all.

    My man is back from the States. *:)

  2. The best part of roast chicken is that "picking" the next day. So yummy! So nice and cold and delicious!


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