Monday, May 28, 2007

Hot chocolate, sticky child and core stability.

OK, sorry. I should have explained Cthulhu yesterday. It is a betentacled creation of the writer H.P. Lovecraft, a troubled product of the darker aspects of New England life. Tim introduced me to Lovecraft, so when the time came to write in his and Rachel's wedding guest book, I put that I hoped the foul dreamer would have no part in their marriage. Because nobody wants squamous and bactrian creatures from before the dawn of time rising from dead cities deep beneath the Pacific in the glaucous light of the gibbous moon when they're trying to iron shirts, watch a romantic comedy or defrost the freezer.

1. Drinking a mug of hot chocolate with my breakfast because it's raining.

2. We go out for early dinner, so the pizza place appears to be hosting nursery tea. A small, blond and chocolately boy stands on his chair to speak to the slightly older child at the next table: 'Hallo, little girl.'

3. I manage to balance on Katie's Swiss ball for the first time, which means my core stability is improving.


  1. For a long time I've admired your blog, but I have to tell you that seeing Cthulhu and hot chocolate mentioned in the same post definitely made my day. Keep them coming!

  2. Oh why couldn't someone write that in my wedding book!

  3. 'A small, blond and chocolately boy...'

    That is such a lovely image!

  4. We have a stuffed Cthulu in our living room outfitted in a Santa hat with jingle bells on his tentacles. I feel it's sort of like the scene from Harry Potter when Professor Lupin tells the students how to defeat boggarts.


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