Sunday, May 13, 2007

Red, white and Europe.

1. Boxes of homegrown strawberries at the farmers' market.

2. White raddishes -- slightly translucent, they seem to glow.

3. I am swept away in an unexpected wave of pizza and Eurovision. We spend a happy evening shouting at Eastern Europe and their misguided votes for Serbia, rather than the UK. I liked Bulgaria's song best -- wailing, messy hair and impassioned drumming. My favourite to win was Ukraine's bizzare tinman techno act.


  1. Georgia was the best: Kate Bush meets Bjork, filtered through Eurovision. Although I had a soft spot for the Russian Catholic Schoolgirls:

  2. roommate, who is from Bulgaria, was watching this online; I liked the Bulgarian song, too. The 'dark angel' flying around made me laugh, though.

  3. Why did I have to wait two days for this post?


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