Monday, May 21, 2007

East west, roast dinner and moving in.

1. We do a circle walk taking in the High Rocks. When we get there, a wedding is in full swing. It's an Indian wedding, so everyone is wearing exotic costumes -- there are saris and salwars in vivid turquoise, carmine and gold, all glittering with metalic threads. There are veiled women, and men with long beards in kurta, as well as men in western suits. Children run around everywhere and we can hear them shrieking among the rocks.

2. The sound of a chicken roasting.

3. Katie's brother Peter comes to put together some temporary bookshelves for us. He is making a fitted set for the sitting room, but is so in demand that we have to wait our turn. The temporary shelves mean that finally I can unpack my books. It's such a relief to have them available again. And it's wonderful to not have quite so many boxes stacked around the place.