Friday, May 04, 2007

Digger, first through and yellow.

I walked from Cranbrook to Tenterden along the High Weald Landscape Trail.

1. Early in the day I come to a narrow strip of field marked by long gouges. A lone archaeologist is having a cigarette break. He says that he is checking a long line of trenches to make sure there is nothing valuable in the way of a development. It seems to be dull work. 'I found a flint blade about a mile that way,' he says.

2. I am crossing an unfriendly estate (a sign warns of 'pitballs [sic] patrolling') and the path runs through a damp tunnel with rhododendrons on one side and an unkempt larch wood on the other. Turning a corner, I see daylight and fields and sky and a man at work. As I approach, he opens the gate he has been building and says: 'You can be the first to use it.'

3. Walking through a field of flowering oilseed rape. The path goes right through the middle of the crop, which stands shoulder high. My vision is filled with yellow flowers and the glaucous leaves. It is so bright that I have to squint a little. My nose is filled with the honey scent, mixed with a faintly cabbagey smell. The effect is hypnotic -- I think it's something to do with having two senses overwhelmed.


  1. these are incredibly beautiful beautiful things.

    my sister sent me a photo of her and my nephew at emmetts garden, in your neck of the woods. till then, i had never seen a single bluebell, let alone a *carpet* of them.

    oh my.

  2. I just discovered your site! One of the beautiful things on my list for today.

  3. You describe your walk with such pretty words that I can picture being there. Thanks. I usually do photos but because of your walk today I tried words; didn't come out as pretty as yours though.

  4. Hi Clare...
    Thank you so much for adding me to your 3BT Roll of Honour (even though I have yet to contact you about my new practices of 3BT...)!
    But I must say, you are quick...! *smiles*

    Anyway, I apologize for not being able to inform you earlier, as my internet connection has been horrid. But it's back up again. Hooray~!

    About your site, I think it's a beautiful piece of creation...thought of by a very beautiful person, such as yourself... :)

    Keep it up~!

    Hope you'd drop by the "Lamp" soon!

    Take care.

    Love & God bless,


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