Sunday, May 27, 2007

Now, lie in and soup.

1. Radio on the internet so I can listen to what I like when I like.

2. Waking up and realising it's 4pm.

3. Miso soup with pieces of tofu and seaweed. That doesn't even sound like food.


  1. I have 3 for today too,
    1. running on the common & discovering that wet Scots Pine bark glows like conkers
    2. the wind & rain getting 10 times worse as I wallow in my bath after running
    3. deciding it's too wet to do anything except start on my biggest niece's Birthday cake!

  2. 1. The rain holding off so that we could walk around the zoo yesterday.
    2. Seeing my sister really happy, even though she's married (I think) a total jerk.
    3. Having my kitty home after his surgery.

  3. Sharing Placid Bay
    Osprey, Eagle and Egret
    my yellow kayak.

    (Okay, it's a borrowed kyak from my in-laws who are the best people in the world...but I wanted to keep the Haiku syllables intact.)

  4. Oh yes, I LOVE miso soup! It's such a soothing food when you're ill, or it's cold outside.

  5. Miso is so comforting. My bf used to think the tofu was cheese, so we still call it "miso with chunks of cheese" which is only amusing due to the fact we're both lactose intolerant.


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